Experiment with pacing with the new Interval function

The latest feature for Premium Members is the facility to draw intervals on forecasts. This is fantastic for experimenting with pacing strategies. You can experiment with more power on the up hill sections and less on the down hills. Pressing on in the headwind and backing off in the tailwind. Perhaps change your aerodynamic drag on sections where sitting up or standing on the pedals will be required.

Aside from coming up with best power plan for your forthcoming race how about taking your Virtual Partner out on your next interval training session. Simply draw on the intervals, download your Virtual Partner to your GPS device and get out and chase after your VP.

Learn more about creating intervals.

Recent chart update

You may have noticed a change in the appearance of your myWindsock charts. I hope you like the change. The new chart system is far more flexible than the previous version allowing for new and exciting functionality that I will give detail on soon.

With any major change like this I am expecting there to be gremlins to iron out. If you spot something please let me know.

Some features of the new charts you can enjoy right now:

  • Zooming: Drag or use the Zoom buttons to get closer detail to sections of a forecast.
  • Smoothing & Sampling: For speed and clarity you can now change the smoothing of charts
  • New chart ‘Ground Speed Distribution
  • Wind Lines now illuminate the elevation chart for improved context
  • Route reversal, any route can now be reversed
  • New metrics including Total Rainfall

The new chart system allows greater interactivity and with this the possibility for improved forecasting. Stay tuned for the next big update.

Hill Climbers: Using our forecasts

The wind can completely alter a Hill Climb effort adding or subtracting minutes from the climb. This makes judging the effort and choosing a gear if riding fixed challenging.

If you plan to ride fixed and you have estimations of Power, Weight and CdA. Take a look at the Ground Speed chart on hill climbs to assist you in picking the correct gear. The average, min and max speeds will help you judge gear choice.

Here’s a quick infographic on how to set up your chart and use the basic functions of a myWindsock forecast to get the best foresight for your hill climb event.