Almost late for work

I ride back and fourth between work and home quite regularly. On paper, the way out should be easiest with only 97m elevation compared to the way home being 108m elevation. So why did the way out feel so hard??

On the way there I had 89% headwind!!! This gave me a feels like elevation of 170m. Without knowing it, I had climbed up mow cop, our local climb (150m).
On the way home I had only 14% headwind, meaning 86% tailwind making the 108m elevation only feel like 93m elevation!

0004 wind

Looking at the wind impact is quite amazing on out and back journeys because if you’re going straight into headwind it has a massive effect! I’ve done the journey before and it’s taking me 33 minutes with a relatively easy effort but it took me 50 minutes with the headwind as it was today!

Luckily I wasn’t late to work but I did cut it close!

0005 mow cop




Mow Cop – 150m elevation gain

More Segment Windsocks

I love a good KOM hunt and I’ve been maxing out the 5 Segment Windsock limit recently, this is very frustrating. At our new location in Cumbria, there are so many amazing hills around to attack! The five Windsocks that we offer on Premium just isn’t enough.

So the 5 Windsock limit had to go!

Upgrade to myWindsock Premium to unlock your first 5 Windsocks. Learn more

How to get more Segment Windsocks

Your initial 5 Windsock limit can be increased from the Segment Windsock Page.

Add more Segment Windsock.
Add more Segment Windsock.

Simply choose from the three options:

  1. Add 5 £1.99/year
  2. Add 30 £4.99/year
  3. Add 100 £9.99/year

Add your extra Windsocks here Segment Windsock Page.

What Segment Windsocks are

Having the best conditions on a Segment is crucial for getting the KOM time. When you add a Windsock to a Strava Segment our physics engine gets to work scanning the forecasts. When a favourable forecast is found, we will let you know the best time to go.


How to Add a Segment Windsock

It’s easy to add Windsocks to Segments. You can do this two ways.

  • From any forecast or post ride analysis click on the segment icon  .  Then click the Windsock Bell checkbox.add-segment-windsock
  • Load up a Segment forecast click on the Menu Icon  Then Click “Segment Windsock”.20201119_172042000_iOS

Your initial 5 Windsock limit can be increased from the Segment Windsock Page.

100 miles in under 3 hours

We are delighted to hear Jonathan Schubert used our modelling and analysis in preparation for his record breaking sub 3 hour 100 miles ride.

The aero efficiency (CdA) Jonathan achieved is amazing. He talks about using effective CdA, the on the road CdA, in modelling the record attempt. This modelling would show that the sub 3hr was in his grasp.

Give the podcast a listen, it’s fascinating to hear about the planning and execution of such an incredible ride.
Cycling Time Trials Podcast: #148 Jonathan Schubert

View all the weather for your week’s riding

I created the myWindsock Planner so I can view all the cycling weather I can expect for the week ahead. I really like seeing what I can expect well before I ride. Which days will be wet, windy or rather pleasant. It’s especially useful this time of year in the UK where the weather is so changeable.

I wanted to ensure you knew about the feature so you too can view ride summaries for the week ahead. Set your regular rides to repeat however you wish so your Planner is always current.

Find out how to add forecasts to your planner here.

Add to your Planner in 3 Steps

I hope you will try adding forecasts to your Planner. Don’t forget you can reuse any of your past rides as a forecast by clicking ‘Use as route’ or simply changing the Date and Time when viewing a ride.

Criterium Aero Analysis – Analysing a mass start race

I took part in my first bunch race last Saturday. It has been a great opportunity for me to understand the applications of for planning and analysing mass start races.

One especially cool thing from racing on a circuit is that I am collecting loads of aero data. Each time I cross the same point on the circuit caclulates my CdA (Aero Efficiency). So this is what I thought I’d show you here. Then you can do the same analysis for your own races. How well do you shelter in the bunch? Find out by analysing your race on myWindsock like this.

My Race’s Aero Analysis

Have a look at my CdA profile for the race…

Blue section I am in the bunch more aero than the ride average.

You can see the Blue section is where I was in the bunch. Hey look! good for me with practice I became more efficient using the bunch for shelter from the wind. I can see this because the Stepped line representing each lap’s CdA gets lower and lower. The blue represents me being more aero than my average CdA for the whole activity.

Evidently by my CdA I didn’t spend all my time on the front 😉

The Breakaway

After 20 minutes I decided to go for a breakaway and except for a couple of laps to start with, it was solo effort to the finish. You can see this on the above graph, I stop being in the Blue and my CdA is up in the shaded orange section, I am now less aero than my average CdA. Each step in the line represents my CdA for a lap. I am happy that I was pretty consistent at keeping my Aero Position.

My solo break. My CdA is super consistent! All those years of time trials.

Overall Aero Stats

So how did my aerodynamics change from the Bunch to my Solo Break. Using the conditions on the day I have also used myWindsock to estimate Watts to lap the Salt Ayre course at 25mph.

CdA Watts @ 25mph
Full Race 0.238 315
In the Bunch 0.188 265
Break Away (Solo) 0.264 350
Crossing the line.

One more thing… Braking Analysis

In the below picture you will see the Detected Braking graph. Interestingly I only used the brakes when in those first 20 minutes when in the bunch. Braking is taking away your energy. By attempting to reduce the amount of braking by being less reactive when riding in the bunch may be away to further conserve energy. This is just a thought.

The red bars are braking instances. I only touched the brakes when in the bunch.

Analyse your  rides and races

It’s easy to access your ride’s CdA and analyse with myWindsock. You can connect Strava to and view all your Activities and Segment efforts immediately. Or simply upload your ride file to Get started here.

Look for some pre-race weather and analysis? Check out the British Cycling Event forecasts before your next race.

Missing CTT Event Courses

If you have a GPX file or Strava Segment Link for any of the following courses please can you send to me. I’ll then add them to the Cycling Time Trials Map.

S/Long Hill

If you have a GPX file or Strava Segment Link for any of the following courses please can you send to me. I’ll then add them to the Cycling Time Trials Map.