What is myWindsock.com?

Whether you’re a racer, club cyclist or leisure rider myWindsock has features which will help you get more out of your riding. The sign up process is quick and easy! We know what you’re thinking though, why should I sign up for yet another app? 

  • Predict Segment Times

    Discover how changes in Watts, CdA and Weight affect your time. Find out how much faster you will be if you drop a kilogram or gain a few extra watts.

  • Rolling Weather Forecast

    A rolling weather forecast keeps up with your time and position changes. As you move, so does the forecast, so you’ll be able to see how the weather is predicted to change around your route.

  • Historic Weather

    View the weather conditions for your Activities and past Strava Segment efforts. Put your effort into context by viewing how the weather affected your activity.

    How did your weather compare with the rest of the Strava Leaderboard?

  • Aero Field Testing

    Go faster by monitoring your CdA on your rides or go into full Aero Field Testing mode! The Aero Field Testing Suite brings the wind tunnel to your training loop. Increase your speed and time by having the advantage of making the right position and equipment choices.

  • Weather Trends

    Locate when and where your longest and hardest headwinds were that you have ridden through and find the rides with the wettest and coldest conditions. You can strive to set a new personal best for the harshest, toughest conditions you have ridden in. Track all of this with the myWindsock Trends.

  • Monitor Segments

    Whether you are defending your prized KOM or on the hunt for glory, your own personal Windsock will seek out optimum conditions and alert you up to 24 hours in advance via email that optimum conditions are soon to be present.

  • If headwinds were hills

    Imagine if the wind wasn’t an invisible enemy sapping your power and bringing your speed to a crawl. myWindsock ‘Feels Like’ Elevation turns each headwind into a satisfying hill to conquer.

  • Club Leaderboards

    Compare the weather you battle each week with your Strava club buddies. Each week you will see who had the toughest ride from greatest headwinds to the soggiest rides.

  • Race Preparation

    The wind can strongly impact the outcome of a bike race. myWindsock has been used by national champions, olympic champions and professional athletes to success. Whether it’s figuring out the best location for an attack in the crosswind or getting a perfect pacing plan for a time trial myWindsock has you covered.