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Cycling Weather & Analysis
The complete picture.

  • Discover the true impact of Weather
  • Simulate & optimise your next ride
  • Analyse your past activities

Complete your data with

Tour de France

Follow the action with course weather analysis.

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    "Totally nerdy, totally brilliant."

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    "The best app for time trialists."

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    "A unique tool for cyclists."

Know thy enemy. See the wind.

Reveal the impact of the weather and see the wind illuminated in full colour.

Track more than Elevation Gain

Add these key metric to your Activities & Routes.

  • Weather Impact™
    A single metric that shows how fast or slow the weather conditions are.
  • Feels Like Elevation™
    How the road feels when gradient and the wind are combined.
  • Total Headwind
    Details of every headwind and it's impact on your activity

Aerodynamic Analysis of Every Ride

Unlock your Power Meter's full potential.

For every Strava Activity with Power, we calculate your CdA (Aero Efficiency). myWindsock weather modelling makes this possible. You can even conduct your own aero experiments to improve your position and test equipment.


Learning and improving

Every pedal stroke improves your next forecast.

Intelligent forecasting learns from past data to improve your next forecast. As you learn about how you ride and the locations you ride in, so does myWindsock.


Track the Weather

Collect and track weather data for all of your activities.

We believe you should track key weather metrics, just like you do Speed and Elevation. Connect your Strava to myWindsock, to collect your valuable weather data.


Would you like to connect Strava?

  • Enhance your Strava Activity data with in-depth weather and analysis.
  • Forecast your next ride using past Strava Activity data, with myWindsock AI.
  • Find segments with the optimum conditions and discover how to take the KOM or QOM.
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