The Paris 2024 Olympic TT

The Olympic Games are somehow here again, despite feeling as if Tokyo was last week (of course it was delayed). Let’s take a look at the TT course… The course’s landmarks The men’s and women’s time trials commence upstream from Invalides, near the Eiffel Tower, with a start on the Esplanade and a conclusion on … Continue reading “The Paris 2024 Olympic TT”

It’s time to panic train!

It’s February and the open TTs are appearing on the CTT website, and the triathlon sign ups are starting. It’s often at this point in the year where people start to think… damn, I haven’t done much training. This leads us to wonder, how quickly can you improve? Does panic training work? The rate of … Continue reading “It’s time to panic train!”

What is VLA max?

Dive into the dynamic world of human performance, where the body orchestrates an intricate dance of energy pathways. Like a well-coordinated team, these pathways operate simultaneously, adapting to the combination of exercise intensity and duration to produce the type of energy required. Enter ‘Glycolysis,’ the sprinter among energy pathways. It’s the VIP process for rapid … Continue reading “What is VLA max?”

Giro Route Preview – A parcours made for Pogacar (and us with 68km of TTs!)

The Italian Grand Tour boasts 68.2 kilometers of individual time trials and culminates in a final-week mountain showdown. However, compared to recent years, there is a decrease in the amount of climbing and the stages are shorter. The official unveiling of the 2024 Giro d’Italia route in Trento has revealed a 3,321km journey starting in … Continue reading “Giro Route Preview – A parcours made for Pogacar (and us with 68km of TTs!)”

Belgian KOM Hunting

myWindsock has gone on tour. This week, we are in Belgium (in fact, I’m here over the entirety of Christmas thanks to the wonderful sport of cyclocross) and as we all know – Belgians love a bit of windy cycling. I thought this would be a good chance to use myWindsock to try and take … Continue reading “Belgian KOM Hunting”

myWindsock and running

Anyone who’s gone down to a coastal town in the hopes of a fast Parkrun time only to be blown to bits by the wind will be familiar with the fact that cycling is not the only sport impacted by the wind. It’s that time of year too, where cyclists collectively put their running shoes … Continue reading “myWindsock and running”

Offseason training tips

It’s fair to say that racing feels somehow in the distant past and a long way away into the future but as we all know, champions are made in the winter. Mywindsock has long been a tool used by champions and many have utilised our platform to achieve their success. Plans are often made long … Continue reading “Offseason training tips”