Will there be crosswinds?

Working out whether or not crosswinds will produce echelons is a key part of any cycling enthusiast’s arsenal of skills. It allows you to answer the vital question – should I bother watching this or just catch up on GCN? myWindsock, as per, has the answer! That said, it’s the sort of thing that is … Continue reading “Will there be crosswinds?”

myWindsock – Setting rules

New to myWindsock are Virtual Athlete Rules. They are, to a programmer, what we call conditional operators. Conditional operators are fundamental constructs in programming that allow you to make decisions and control the flow of your code based on certain conditions. They enable your program to execute different sets of instructions depending on whether specific … Continue reading “myWindsock – Setting rules”

CdA Cycling

Cycling CdA, also known as Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient (CdA) in the context of cycling, is a crucial concept in the study of aerodynamics that plays a significant role in determining a cyclist’s performance and speed. CdA is a measure of the resistance a cyclist experiences due to air while riding, and it directly affects the … Continue reading “CdA Cycling”

UCI Gran Fondo Time Trial

The UCI Gran Fondo World Championships provide an opportunity for amateur cyclists to compete at a global level and earn the title of world champion in their respective age categories. The time trial event consists of multiple age categories for both men and women. The participants typically qualify for the UCI Gran Fondo World Championships … Continue reading “UCI Gran Fondo Time Trial”

Drafting in triathlon

We get a lot of professional triathletes in our Instagram DMs asking various questions and getting us to do various simulations. One thing that’s of great concern to this group is the impact of drafting in a race. In Ironman branded racing, athletes must ride 12m apart (though it’s observed to sometimes be slightly closer … Continue reading “Drafting in triathlon”