A little extra data to Spindata

We’re delighted to announce, the talented statisticians behind the official Cycling Time Trials ranking system, Spindata, have incorporated the myWindsock Weather Impact ™ metric into their event pages. This is using the myWindsock Metrics API. The API enables third parties to add myWindsock course data to their websites and applications. See the official Spindata Press … Continue reading “A little extra data to Spindata”

Latest Update: New Cue Sheet Features

To improve pre race preparation, we have developed a few additional features for your forecasts. These features are Desktop and Tablet features. Cue Sheet Markers The Cue sheet will indicate which Cue Item is currently active based on your current Virtual Athlete’s location. Update your Virtual Athlete’s location by clicking on the map Windlines, hovering … Continue reading “Latest Update: New Cue Sheet Features”

Mackenzie’s North Coast 500 Record Attempt

The Lands End to John O’Groats record holder, Christina Mackenzie is taking on another formidable test of endurance. On Friday 13th of May, she will be attempting to set the a new North Coast 500 record. The 500 mile route, around the Scottish Highlands, climbs a huge 10,000 metres. That elevation gain is more than … Continue reading “Mackenzie’s North Coast 500 Record Attempt”

Ben on Faster Podcast by Flo

https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/faster-podcast-by-flo-episode-75-race-smarter-race/id1368799871?i=1000551240179 02:12 tell us about yourself 06:26 tell us a bit about my windsock 09:00 what’s the elevator pitch 11:20 the psychological side of myWindsock  14:25 how do you get the course data ride the course slowly or segment etc 16:02 Best Bike split difference 20:00 what gear do you need 22:24 Notio and other device … Continue reading “Ben on Faster Podcast by Flo”

Time Trial Prep: Part 1, the wind

The 2022 time trial season is just around the corner. In this series, I’m going to show you how I would use a myWindsock forecast, to prepare for the first Cycling Time Trial event, the Ely & District 25 mile SPOCO on BS19. PLEASE NOTE: Weather forecasts are updated hourly, this forecast may have changed … Continue reading “Time Trial Prep: Part 1, the wind”

This graph, will change how you feel about the wind, forever.

Why view the wind this way? It’s all about putting our efforts into context. Gradient, is far better understood than wind speed combined with it’s prevailing direction. The better we can relate to the challenges the course gives us, the better we can plan our efforts and understand our past performances. You can learn more … Continue reading “This graph, will change how you feel about the wind, forever.”