Post pandemic Kona times

The pandemic was an interesting period for endurance sport – we all had nothing to do other than ride Zwift, do time trials and ride alone. This was the same for the professional triathletes who had no racing for the best part of a year. When we came back from the pandemic, tentatively in 2021 … Continue reading “Post pandemic Kona times”

70.3 Oceanside Course Preview

This weekend, Ironman Oceanside 70.3 is set to kick off the Ironman pro series for 2024. The start list is completely stacked.  70.3 Oceanside holds the distinction of being the longest-standing event on the current 70.3 calendar, tracing its origins back to 2002. Over time, it has cemented its reputation as the primary “season opener” … Continue reading “70.3 Oceanside Course Preview”

T100 course preview

In 2024, a new series has hit the world of triathlon – the PTO T100 World Tour and round one is at the Miami Speedway. Given the only remotely interesting thing about this course is how important aerodynamics are – and that race ranger will be in play – we thought we would preview it … Continue reading “T100 course preview”

The Paris 2024 Olympic TT

The Olympic Games are somehow here again, despite feeling as if Tokyo was last week (of course it was delayed). Let’s take a look at the TT course… The course’s landmarks The men’s and women’s time trials commence upstream from Invalides, near the Eiffel Tower, with a start on the Esplanade and a conclusion on … Continue reading “The Paris 2024 Olympic TT”

It’s time to panic train!

It’s February and the open TTs are appearing on the CTT website, and the triathlon sign ups are starting. It’s often at this point in the year where people start to think… damn, I haven’t done much training. This leads us to wonder, how quickly can you improve? Does panic training work? The rate of … Continue reading “It’s time to panic train!”