New feature: Live forecast stats on your Strava Routes menu

Picking the best route has just become a little easier. New to the Activities & Routes menu, time estimates, headwind percentages, and Weather Impacts™ for each Strava Route and Segment. Setting departure time If you are not leaving for your bike ride immediately, you can set the departure time as desired. How to view Strava … Continue reading “New feature: Live forecast stats on your Strava Routes menu”

Aero Testing with myWindsock

Aero field testing is available to all Premium members with power meter data by simply viewing their Strava Activity Weather or uploading a TCX file. Learn more about Premium. When you head out to do an aero test using myWindsock, there’s always a question of how much you can trust your results. We understand this … Continue reading “Aero Testing with myWindsock”

Windsock beyond time-trials

Any reader of this blog will likely understand the virtues of myWindsock for athletes looking to improve their performance. We know the detailed forecasts can allow us to pace races optimally, target Strava segments and figure out where to attack. The performance aspect of myWindsock is used by world class athletes to break records and … Continue reading “Windsock beyond time-trials”

GCN Tech Show, National Hill Climb Winning Margin

For GCN, we were asked to look at the 2.36s Winning Margin, between Andrew Feather and Tom Bell. Check the GCN tech show out. Below the video, we I’ll show you how you can do similar experiments. How you can discover stats like these with myWindsock A myWindsock Virtual Athlete, rides the course just like … Continue reading “GCN Tech Show, National Hill Climb Winning Margin”