Know thy enemy. See the wind. Weather for Cyclists


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With Premium you get all the weather...

  • Unlock all of Strava Leaderboard weather including all of your past efforts.
  • Discover how aerodynamic you are with virtual CdA*. Reveal how aerodynamic your competition are.
  • Experiment with pacing. Design your Power Plan to achieve the fastest time.
  • Ride with an intelligent Virtual Partner who battles the same headwinds, hills and intervals you do.
  • More data, wWatts (weather Watts) and other advanced metrics reveal the true impact of the weather.
  • Unlimited bike and performance profiles.
  • Set the exact start time and date, perfect for planning rides and recceing courses.
  • and lots more...

*Virtual CdA requires power meter data

Unlock all of your Strava Segment efforts to compare performance

Your premium account gives you access to all of the Strava Leaderboards including all of your own efforts. This is great for comparing your performance on different days.

Ride with an intelligent VirtualPartner

Riding with a Virtual Partner is great for keeping focus during your ride. Your VP will battle the same headwinds and hills you do. If your crawling along in a headwind so is your VP!

Advanced metrics and charts for greater insight

View the actual cost of the weather on your ride with wWatts (weather watts). Unlock advanced charts such as 'Resistance' depicting the share of energy between Air, Gravity and Rolling resistance, stay aero or maximum power? Find out your Virtual CdA, how aero are you vs the competition?

Design power plans

Discover the fastest pacing strategies by drawing changes in your power. When out training create intervals for your Virtual Partner to follow.

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