How does your CdA compare?

Everyone knows that aerodynamics are extremely important for cyclists – even more so for cyclists concerned with their speed. myWindsock have analysed thousands of files from time trials in the UK and looked into the distribution of CdA values and what speeds result from this.

This graph is an analysis of how the average CdA required for various speeds during a time trial. The black line represents the average and the faded orange bars represent the variance of values. You’ll notice a much wider range of cda values for speeds under 40kph as it’s much more possible to muscle your way into these speeds with a lower CdA. At 50kph, we seldom see a rider with a cda of more than 0.2 which shows just how aero British riders are!

Why is cda important for cyclists?

The term ‘cda’ actually stands for two things, how slippery you are (cd) and your frontal area (a) – CdA is the product of these values. It is used by engineers as one term because practically, it’s often difficult to separate the effect of the two with measurements. Generally speaking, CdA is a measure of how aero you are.

Why are aerodynamics important for cyclists?

Aerodynamics play a crucial role in the sport of cycling, as they can significantly impact a cyclist’s performance and speed. When a cyclist rides, they face resistance from the air around them, on a flat road this takes up roughly 80% of total resistance. The faster a rider travels, the greater the air resistance they experience. By optimising their aerodynamics, a cyclist can reduce the drag they face and improve their speed and efficiency. This can be achieved through various means, such as selecting the right gear, maintaining a good position and using aerodynamic wheels, helmets and skinsuits. Even small gains in aerodynamic efficiency can make a significant difference in their overall performance and race results.

myWindsock allows you to analyse your aerodynamics, with a number of CdA measuring features available calculated with a combination of your power data and the weather where you’re riding.

myWindsock premium features

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