Segment Windsocks

Strava Segment Windsocks give you the edge, by notifying you in advance when the best conditions will be. So you will be attacking the right Segment at the right time.

Each of your Windsocks continually monitor the Strava Segment for the best conditions. When optimal conditions are found you’ll be notified!

How to Add a Segment Windsock

It’s easy to add Windsocks to Segments.

  • From Activities & Routes. Under the Strava menu, select KOMs or Starred. Then click the ‘Add Windsock’ button.
  • From any forecast or post activity analysis click on the segment icon  .  Then click the Windsock Bell checkbox.add-segment-windsock
  • Load up a Segment forecast click on the Menu Icon  Then Click “Segment Windsock”.