Saturdays are for Parkruns

Did you know we have all the parkrun courses uploaded on our site? (If your course is missing or an old version, please let us know here and we can update it for you.)

Simply click on your location to find a course near you.

MyWindsock gives you a full detailed course and weather analysis. See how the wind and weather affects your run on a given day either post run or pre run to help you prep. For example, here we have Congleton Parkrun at Astbury Mere, which is normally a flat course (shown in grey). We can see how the wind gives a small up hill, down hill feel with the wind direction so this can help us better prepare going into our run and pace ourselves accordingly.

Blue is tailwind

Red is headwind


Author: Caroline Le

Caroline has a passion for fitness and the outdoors and is a keen runner and cyclist. Working internationally as a professional dancer has given her the opportunity to train and run all around the world. She joined the myWindsock team in 2020 and loves pushing the brand forward with her natural creative flair and innovative ideas.