KOM Attempt, can Ben beat the myWindsock prediction?

Will I get the KOM as myWindsock predicted? Watch and find out.

In my KOM attempt I averaged 360 Watts. The myWindsock.com prediction was based on 360 Watts with a final ‘Big Finale’ of 500 Watts. Whilst I managed the ‘Big Finale’, the very first 600 metres were a little too fast for the conditions, did I also mention I was limited by 42 tooth chainring 😂, so I was a little bit short on power. This dropped my overall average power.

Next week we will have a look at the KOM attempt using the myWindsock.com post race analysis tools and find out how much time the first 600 metres cost me.

It’s time for you to set yourself the challenge. Find a Stava Segment, put in some challenging power and see if you can match or even better beat your myWindsock predicted time!

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Author: bnorbury

Ben Norbury is four times Manchester & District Middle Distance and Best All Rounder Time Trial Champion from 2016-2019. During this time he developed software to eliminate uncertainty of the weather conditions out of his pre-race preparation.

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