Tom Epton introduction

Hi! My name is Tom and you’ll likely see a bit of my work on the Mywindsock blog and social media channels over the next few weeks, months and maybe beyond if I do a good job. I write a little bit for Cycling Weekly writing about tech and fitness, as well as writing for other places including Yellow Jersey’s blog, Training Peaks coaching blog and a few bits all over the place. I also work as a data scientist. I have a physics degree that I managed to obtain in 2020 despite my best efforts to ride my bike instead of working while at uni!

Away from work, you’ll often find me racing in triathlons and other multi-sport events. This year, I even managed to race at a couple of championships as an elite athlete for GB which was very exciting. I did not fare particularly well. I have five interests in my life, swimming, cycling, running, working, eating. It sounds kind of boring when you put it like that, but I have fun all the same. I’ve been lucky enough that my work, and triathlon, has taken me to some amazing places and my intention is for this to carry on as long as possible – but now I shall do so with the best weather forecasts in the business!

This winter, I plan to take up mountain biking, as well as spending a bit of time bike packing – I know for this, mywindsock forecasts will come in very handy helping me with route and tyre selection!

If you have any questions, corrections or anything you want to ask me you can drop me an email at or follow me on Instagram and send a DM! I don’t bite.