3 must know Premium stats, post-ride.

Premium gives you many more fascinating insights into your activities. Here is a run down of some pretty cool things to look at post-ride.

Feels Like Elevation

A Feels Like Elevation chart.

Metres or feet climbed on any ride gives an insight into how tough the terrain was. Bragging rights are given when huge elevations are ridden. We’ve developed Feels Like Elevation. A combination of the wind and elevation to give a true picture of how tough a ride was.

Whilst the elevation profile indicates it’s down hill out and up hill back, combine the feel of the headwind the profile looks a lot different.

Headwinds will increase the elevation by the relative effort to ascending hills. Similarly a nice tailwind will make the road feel a little more down hill and the elevation profile is corrected to reflect this.

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Ride Aerodynamics

The CdA Profile depicts your aero efficiency during your ride.

Just how aero are you? Aerodynamics can now be tracked, just like your FTP and other performance metrics. Having an eye on these numbers during training keeps you in the competitive athlete mind set. Aerodynamics is reported in a metric called CdA. The lower your CdA is, the faster you will go for the same power.

Go further this Winter and actively work on your aerodynamics. Train your ability to hold your position.

Pro tip: Find a repeatable loop of a around 10-20 mins, where you can safely focus on your position. Complete 4-5 loops and see how your CdA alters on each loop. Do you start to notice a change with fatigue? See how steady you can keep the CdA.

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Weather Impact

Weather Impact is a key myWindsock Premium metric. It combines all enviromental factors to give a definitive rating of how great the a cost or benefit the weather was. We add this metric to your past rides, routes and very interestingly Strava Leaderboards.

On every Strava Segment effort we record the Weather Impact. On your latest activity use the Premium Strava Segment Filter to reveal the interesting Segments you rode through. Then access the Leaderboards, view how your best efforts compare and the top 10 Weather Impacts.

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Weather Trends

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Track your weather over time. Track the toughest headwinds, the heaviest rainfall and the highest & lowest temperatures.

Strava Segment Windsocks

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Don’t miss out on the perfect day. Activate a Windsock on any Strava Segment and when the conditions are optimum you will receive a notification.

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Author: Ben Norbury

Ben Norbury is four times Manchester & District Middle Distance and Best All Rounder Time Trial Champion from 2016-2019. During this time he developed software to eliminate uncertainty of the weather conditions out of his pre-race preparation.