I get a ‘Not Authorised’ error message accessing an activity

To view activities they must be either your own activity or one shared by a myWindsock member. Private activities can not be accessed even by owner.

If you have moved your activity from private to public it may take a few minutes for us to access it. Please retry later. If you continue to have problems please contact us.

Do I have to connect Strava to access forecasts?

It is not a requirement to connect your Strava account for us to provide you with weather forecasts. However to view your own performances on segments and to have easy access to your past rides / routes / KoMs and Starred segments you will need to connect.

I’ve disconnected Strava and now I can’t reconnect

If you have disconnected your Strava Account from myWindsock or wish to change the Strava account associated with your myWindsock account. Go to myAccount.

Select the check box ‘Unlink this account?’. This will remove the current incorrect connection. Then from the home screen click the Connect Strava button. This will reconnect you with Strava.

I don’t know my CdA, what do I do?

To ballpark a CdA…

I know my average power: Go to a course where the average power is known. Enter into your forecast the average power for your ride. Adjust the CdA to reflect the average speed you attained for this power. A lower CdA will increase your average speed and a higher with decrease average speed. Tip: If you have Premium access enter into the Date Picker the time you attained the average speed at wattage on the course.

Without power:

TT Bike in Skinsuit Aerohelmet: 0.19 – 0.22

Road bike drops: 0.28-0.32

Road bike hoods 0.32-0.36

Standing: 0.4<

My Wind Lines are overlapping

When having trouble distinguishing between Wind Lines on a section of your course where you travel along the same road in opposite directions, go to Options > Course and select an Offset for the side of the road your ride along. This will adjust the Wind Lines by the Offset Distance.

My activity weather is incorrect

The reported observed weather relies on the timely reporting by local weather stations. In many locations this is close to real time however in some locations this can take anywhere from a few hours up to two weeks.

You may notice during this time large changes in your ride statistics as the new data is received. It is also common to see lower than expected estimated wind speeds during this time.

In most locations observed weather is unchanged after 3-4 days. For the most accurate CdA estimate please wait at least this time.