Latest Update: New Cue Sheet Features

To improve pre race preparation, we have developed a few additional features for your forecasts. These features are Desktop and Tablet features.

Cue Sheet Markers

Markers at the side of the Cue Sheet display where your Virtual Athlete is up to.

The Cue sheet will indicate which Cue Item is currently active based on your current Virtual Athlete’s location. Update your Virtual Athlete’s location by clicking on the map Windlines, hovering over the active chart, or by playing the activity.

Your Cue Sheet is now Interactive

Clicking on the Icon next to a Cue Item will highlight or zoom to the region on the forecast. Use this to view an interactive breakdown of the activity.

Author: Ben Norbury

Ben Norbury is four times Manchester & District Middle Distance and Best All Rounder Time Trial Champion from 2016-2019. During this time he developed software to eliminate uncertainty of the weather conditions out of his pre-race preparation.