Why bother with a premium account?

myWindsock has a free version that many of you reading this will have used or be users of. Our free version is pretty feature rich, so much so that you might wonder why you should bother with myWindsock premium. Many of you won’t need premium, with something like myWindsock (one of Cycling Weekly’s top 10 cycling apps of 2022) it’s always going to be an optional extra. At less than £2/month, it’s one of cycling’s cheaper optional extras though…

For a detailed account of why you should get premium and an in-depth description of the features, click here. For those of you still here, read on for three reasons you should consider upgrading to MWS premium.

Track weather trends

Climbing hills and riding long distances are all recorded, and both are feats to overcome. A myWindsock premium account will allow you to track weather trends over time too. You will know what your longest headwind is, how your cda changes from summer to winter as well as your wettest and coldest rides. 

If headwinds were hills

Hills are great because you can see them, quantify them and conquer them. Headwinds can be equally tough, yet the sense of satisfaction for ‘getting through’ a headwind isn’t quite there. Well, resistive forces are all the same in the sense that they can be turned into climbs. A headwind of a certain force for a certain duration is equivalent to climbing some given number of vertical meters at a given gradient and myWindsock calculates this for you. If you want to learn more about this, click here

Plan races like a pro

There’s a reason World Tour teams, ultra distance record holders and Olympic champions use myWindsock to plan their races – because they think it’s the best tool for the job. Who are we to disagree with them? With MWS Unlimited (£2.08/month) you can plan your races with limitless detail. 

For more detail on myWindsock Premium, as well as sign up links – click here