Feels Like Elevation™

Imagine if the wind wasn’t an invisible enemy, sapping your power and bringing your speed to a crawl. myWindsock ‘Feels Like’ Elevation turns each headwind into a satisfying hill to conquer.

Put simply, the ‘Feels Like’ Elevation is the equivalent elevation gain for the energy you expended battling the wind. If the effort you put into the headwind was a hill, this is how high you would have climbed.


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What affects my ‘Feels Like’ Elevation

All of your data feeds into the ‘Feels Like’ algorithm. The biggest affects to your ‘Feels Like’ Elevation are from

  • Air Speed
  • Aerodynamics (CdA)
  • Weight

It’s not all up hill

Tailwinds? Well they send you down hill, well relatively. On a hill, the tailwind may reduce the overall feel of the gradient. Or make a downhill, a little more downhill.

The ‘Feels Like’ Chart

This is an exciting chart to look at as it shows the accumulative up and down affect of your ‘Feels Like’ elevation.

Whilst the elevation profile indicates down hill out and up hill back, combine the feel of the headwind, the profile looks a lot different.

Add to your Strava Report

The ‘Feels Like’ metric can be added to your Strava Activities. To add to your Strava Reports check your report settings here.


Feels Like Gradient

Point by Point data now gives a ‘Feels Like’ gradient for each moment of your activity. This is the actual gradient adjusted for the affect of the wind.


Could you Everest a headwind?

We’re excited to see if anyone can hit 8,848 metres of ‘Feels Like’ elevation. No hills are required, just find a headwind strong enough and an activity long enough.

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