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Add Weather analysis to your Strava Activities

Add key myWindsock metrics to your Strava Activities. Record each ride's Weather Impact (wImpact), Headwind Percent and even your CdA on every activity. Simply select the data you would like us to post to your activities.

You choose the data

Select what data you would like to have appear on your Strava Activities.

  • Longest Headwind
  • Headwind Percentage
  • Weather Impact (wImpact)
  • CdA, aerodynamic efficiency
  • Feels Like Elevation Gain
  • Air Speed of Activity
  • Total Precipitation

How it works

Simply , you will be asked if you would like to connect Strava. Now Strava has been connected you can choose what metrics you would like to have appear on you Strava Activities.

What else can I do with myWindsock

With a connected Strava account, you can view detailed cycling weather forecasts, for all your Strava Routes and past Strava Activities. Optimise your attack on Strava Segments, or simply find out where the toughest headwinds will be.


Would you like to connect Strava?

  • Enhance your Strava Activity data with in-depth weather and analysis.
  • Forecast your next ride using past Strava Activity data, with myWindsock AI.
  • Find segments with the optimum conditions and discover how to take the KOM or QOM.
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