Latest Updates: Spring

It’s been a while since we have updated you on the latest service improvements. You may have noticed these changes and are already taking advantage of them. Here is  a run down of the latest features.

Ride Insights

A brand new feature is the Ride Insights tab. From this tab you will find interesting information that our system has discovered about your ride. For example Premium members may find insights to the wattage cost of the headwind up the local climb. Or perhaps how the average speed will change during the ride. Other things you will find in here are actionable suggestions and news.


Data Tab Menu and Auto Selections

Locating the most interesting and important sections of a forecast is something we wanted improve. Key areas of most rides come down to the climbs and headwinds. So we decided that we would automatically find these for you for quicker analysis. You can find these section in the Data Tab Menu. Also within this menu you can find your created Intervals.

Summary data and charts within the tab reflect the selection you made from the Data Tab Menu.


New Chart Menu System

As the Data Tab Menu controls the zoom level of the charts you are viewing we decided that it would be more intuitive to move the Chart menu within the data tab. Click on the current chart title to view more charts.


Interval Parameter Toggle

Some intervals you want to change just the Power or the CdA and keep everything else as default. This is why we made the parameters you can set on an interval optional. When a parameter is active the Virtual Rider will follow the interval’s setting however when unchecked the parameter will follow the default Virtual Riders rules. This provides you with much greater flexibility when experimenting.

For example you may be happy with the power rules set in your Virtual Riders settings however you may want to see what the cost of relaxing your position would have during an interval. Uncheck the Power checkbox to keep the default power rules during the interval.


These are major changes we have recently made. We hope you will have fun using them.