Sharing a forecast

If you would like to direct cyclists to a forecast please use the Sharing button
on the forecast. This will ensure you have the correct time stamp for the forecast. We encourage the placement of forecasts in social media, blogs and event websites. Embed a Live Forecast graphic on to your webpage to show the latest weather conditions.

Sharing options

It’s easy to share our forecasts. Here are the options we have to make sharing easy.

  • Share a Live Forecast Graphic on your website

    Forecast graphics are great for displaying the forecast conditions to your website visitors. They periodically update to show the latest conditions for a course.
    mywindsock cycling weather
    To share for a specific date and time first, first ensure the date and time you would like to share are selected from the forecast calendar and is now showing on the forecast. Then click the ‘Share’ icon. Check the ‘Share for Date’ checkbox. Copy and paste the ‘Embed on website’ text area contents into your webpage.

    Once the share date of your graphic has past the graphic will continue to show the observed conditions for that date.

  • Sharing on Social media

    Simply tapping the Share icon and tapping any of the social media icons will ensure the best link for your forecast is used. It is also possible to copy the Share URL box into your status update to achieve the same effect.

  • Hyperlink only

    For best results copy and paste the URL supplied in the Share box for your forecast as this will ensure the correct time stamp is supplied. For a non specific date you may simply copy and paste the URL in your browser’s address bar.