For Cyclists

Informative to all cyclists

myWindsock weather forecasts appeal to all corners of the cycling community. From commuters, sportive riders & club cyclists to competitive athletes.

Our aim, to quantify weather conditions for cyclists.

For Time Trialists

Course reconnaissance is a crucial part of mental preparation prior to a time trial performance. The performance modelling of our physics engine assist in providing useful insights for the purpose of race plans, equipment selection and performance expectations.

Historic course weather data enables the benchmarking of performance for these athletes.

Our Iconic Wind Lines Illuminate the Wind.

For the Road Racer

Knowing when to make the break or when the break might happen is crucial, as is where echelon formations may occur. All of this is illuminated by Wind Lines. Our rolling forecasts display weather information for the ETAs on courses. Crucial for racing in events of over an hour.

For the Sportive and recreational cyclist

Much enjoyment from cycling is pitting yourself against the elements. Our forecasts and observed weather data for cyclists offer a unique perspective to the hardships battling headwinds and the gifts of tailwinds. Quantifying the wind.

No longer do you battle a headwind in vain, it’s now a bragging right!

Our popular feature of Strava Leaderboard weather data provokes discussion and bragging rights amongst enthusiasts.