Become a Brand Partner

myWindsock is a weather forecast service specifically aimed at the cycling market. Our forecasts are used by cyclists world wide. We are looking for companies to join us as Brand Partners.

Exceptional targeting

Cycling disciplines

Our forecasts can be divided in to many cycling disciplines including Time Trials, Sportives, Road Races,  Endurance, MTB, Sportives & Commuting. There are many subsets to these disciplines that you may wish to target.

Events & Series

Frequently we publish forecasts for a series of events or single events. The forecasts are preloaded for ease of access by our users. An example of this are UK Cycling Time Trials where each of the weekend’s events are loaded with course previews. Promotion of events across social media encourages the use of the forecasts for which your brand can be given aligned.

Our event weather forecasts draw people to your brand

We are happy to discuss the inclusion of an event or series of events that your brand would like close association with.


Our forecasts are worldwide which allows us to present your brand to specific geographic markets. An example of this can be to align your brand with all forecasts located in a specific country, region or county even town or city.


There are many opportunities for placing your brand on myWindsock. Key areas are the ‘Large header’ image in events or organiser and category sections and the forecast loading page which is displayed multiple time during a customers’ interaction with a myWindsock forecast. Promotions are accepted for inclusion within our mailings to members. At this time we are not accepting banner placements directly on the forecasts themselves.

Delivering your brand

We believe that effective branding appears effortless. Our suggestion for integrating your brands is by associations and placements, i.e images of your products in use.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact us to explore the possibilities.