Know thy enemy. See the wind.

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Illuminate more of the weather with the additional features of Premium Membership. Enhance both your Pre & Post ride analysis with exceptional data and features.

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Premium Highlights

Your own Windsock will tell you when it's fast

Whether you are defending your prized KOM or on the hunt for glory, your own personal Windsock alerts you in advance of optimum conditions. Premium membership provides 5 Windsocks ready for you to install on any Strava Segments.

Weather Trends

Discover the longest and hardest headwinds you've battled. Find the wettest and coldest conditions you have ridden through. Set new personal bests battling the longest and hardest headwinds. Unlock the Weather Dashboard with Premium and view your accumulative weather stats. Upgrading today will start the recording of your activity weather stats and import the last 6 months of activities.

See how your activities stack up against the rest with Activity Rankings for Headwinds, Rain, Temperature and more!

Unlock all Strava Leaderboard weather data

Access to all of the Strava Leaderboard, including all of your own efforts and those of your friends. This is great for comparing your performance on different days. Free membership displays weather data for just the top 10 positions. Upgrading to Premium unlocks every effort including all of your efforts, your friends best times and the ability to filter the results by date range.

Aero Field Testing

Your Premium upgrade makes aero field testing as easy as just going for a bike ride. Well almost. For high quality field testing simply find an appropriate test location, ride, make a change, ride again and then analyse the data. Your Premium field testing functions will help you make sense of the data.

Advanced metrics, charts and Virtual CdA

View the actual cost of the weather on your ride with wWatts (weather Watts) or for none power meter members wImpact (weather impact). Unlock advanced charts such as 'Resistance' depicting the share of energy between Air, Gravity and Rolling resistance, discover where staying aero beats more power.

Find out your Virtual CdA and learn how you stack up vs the competition. Measure your CdA, improve it and go faster!

Ride with an intelligent Virtual Partner

Download a Virtual Partner for your route. Your VP will battle the same headwinds and hills you do. If you're crawling along in a headwind so is your VP! Simply enter the parameters for your ride, create intervals for your VP to follow if you wish. Then export your route to your GPS device and let the battle commence!

Design power plans and improve your times

Discover the fastest pacing strategies for your next segment attempt or race by customising your forecast with power and aerodynamic changes. Find out where putting out the most power will get you the best time. Directly draw your experiments on the myWindsock charts to instantly see the affect to your time.

What Our Members Say

  • I basically plan every ride based on the wind now and if you're spatially challenged like I am using Google Maps and Met Office wind direction just doesn't cut it. I don't mind struggling into a wind, even a strong one, if it means I have planned out one super quick leg of a ride to make it worth it. And of course - KOMs. I don't know how anyone takes a KOM without MWS these days. It's just too competitive. Unless you live in some retirement village. Total bargain for the money, feels like better tech than Strava itself.
    Chris Smyth - United Kingdom
    15th Sep
  • I enjoy the ride analysis “at least I have an excuse for being slow “ ? the Strava sector alerts are great and I’ve achieved some good PR s
    Adrian Fox - United Kingdom
    9th May
  • simply displayed data
    Tim May - United States
    11th Sep
  • handy tool that helps you rule, does al the work saving you school time and real time on the road. Helps you choose your route, segs and bike to suit the wind speed and direction, thats alot of detection
    al whal - United Kingdom
    26th Apr
  • Absolutely great tool to plan all types of rides.
    Perry Hayward - United Kingdom
    5th Nov

Feature Checklist

Free Premium
Wind Lines - See the Wind
File Uploads 1 a day Unlimited
Spatial V2
Spatial V3Enhanced for elevation changes
Strava Segments
Leaderboard Top 10 Weather
Your Efforts Weather
Filter by Tailwind and More
Segment WindsocksMonitor for optimum conditions
Metrics & Charts
'Feels Like' Elevation
wWatts / wImpact
CdA Calculation
CdA Analysis and Field Testing
Braking Analysis
Last Change Delta
Rolling Average Speed
Energy Requirements
Rolling Average Power
Resistance Chart
Ride Simulation Stats
Virtual Partner
Multi Virtual Rider Profiles
Interval/Power Plans
Navigator Locates Hills
Navigator Locates Headwinds
Weather Trends
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