Updated Desktop Interface

We have been working on the desktop user interface. We noticed, the most frequently selected chart item was ‘Summary Data’. Switching between the activity or interval Summary, whilst experimenting or learning about your activity, isn’t very efficient. You may not always want the Summary in view, or even charts and Current Marker Location. So we … Continue reading “Updated Desktop Interface”

$50 Off a Notio Aerometer! When you upgrade this Black Friday Weekend.

Enhance your myWindsock analysis* and measure your CdA in real time, with the world’s premiere on-bike aerometer. Maximize your gains by testing your position and equipment for the ultimate aero advantage. Upgrade to any myWindsock Premium (yearly) plan, this Weekend, to receive $50 Off a Notio Aerometer! Upgrade from only £9.99/$14.99 per year, to receive … Continue reading “$50 Off a Notio Aerometer! When you upgrade this Black Friday Weekend.”

7 Day Premium Unlock

We’ve taken the Premium lock off your account! So you now have the opportunity to experiment with all the Premium Map features we’ve been building. Some of the Features to try Strava Segment Filtering Strava Leaderboard Effort Weather* Advanced metrics like wImpact and Feels Like Elevation Indepth Charts, for exceptional analysis. See charts like “Last … Continue reading “7 Day Premium Unlock”

Planning an interval session

Doing just enough to elicit the maximum training affect is the most efficient way to train. myWindsock can help you pick out the best locations for your intervals and plan their intensity. Creating the intervals I begin by picking a chart that will assist us in planning our intervals. For this paticular session, I am … Continue reading “Planning an interval session”