Aero Testing, having confidence in your results

When you return from your aero field test it is important that you can have confidence in your results. Not all field tests will go well, it’s disappointing, but better to acknowledge a bad test than make poor choices. Aero field testing is available to all Premium members with power meter data by simply viewing … Continue reading “Aero Testing, having confidence in your results”

Extracting CdA from a Time Trial

Discover your CdA, how aerodynamic you are, from past races. myWindsock can analyse all of your Strava Activities, Segment Efforts or uploaded TCX file from your power meter data. To use the features described you will require Premium membership and power meter, learn more about Premium. IMPORTANT: Please ensure you disable Auto Pause on your … Continue reading “Extracting CdA from a Time Trial”

Why are wWatts higher in the Winter?

During the Winter months your may notice that your wWatts (weather watts) are higher than those you have been seen in the Summer. The main reason for this is Air Density. Colder temperatures bring us higher Air Densities, which means greater air resistance. What is Air Density? Air Density is the mass of air in … Continue reading “Why are wWatts higher in the Winter?”

New chart helps you compare setups

The latest chart to assist you in going faster on your bike is the ‘Delta Compare’ chart. When making pacing changes or alterations to your setup that involve a compromise between power, weight and aerodynamics, it can be useful to view how these changes affect our times in comparison to the original setup. This is … Continue reading “New chart helps you compare setups”