New Dashboard View

Premium members can now start using the new Dashboard View. This provides an overview of the weather you have ridden in. There are many charts available including Highest Average Windspeed, Wettest Rides and Hottest and Coldest temperatures. This is currently a Beta release and therefore we are expecting some troubleshooting. If you would like to … Continue reading “New Dashboard View”

Time Trialists: 1. Setting up your forecast

Racing a time trial is all about squeezing every bit of your potential out within the distance and time set. Falling short in race preparation is a disservice to the efforts you make in training, lifestyle and during the race itself. In this series of posts I will guide you on how to get the … Continue reading “Time Trialists: 1. Setting up your forecast”

Experiment with pacing with the new Interval function

The latest feature for Premium Members is the facility to draw intervals on forecasts. This is fantastic for experimenting with pacing strategies. You can experiment with more power on the up hill sections and less on the down hills. Pressing on in the headwind and backing off in the tailwind. Perhaps change your aerodynamic drag … Continue reading “Experiment with pacing with the new Interval function”

Hill Climbers: Using our forecasts

The wind can completely alter a Hill Climb effort adding or subtracting minutes from the climb. This makes judging the effort and choosing a gear if riding fixed challenging. If you plan to ride fixed and you have estimations of Power, Weight and CdA. Take a look at the Ground Speed chart on hill climbs … Continue reading “Hill Climbers: Using our forecasts”