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    Aero Field Testing

    Go faster by monitoring your CdA on your rides or go into full blown Aero Field Testing mode. The Aero Field Testing Suite brings the wind tunnel to your training loop.

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    Include a schedule stop in your forecast. Simply enter the length of time you plan to be stopped for.

    Time Stopped (Hr:Min:Sec)


    Delete Stop

    Report a road hazard and help you and fellow cyclists stay safe. Please ensure you have selected the nearest point to the start of the hazard and that the route is travelling in the correct direction for the hazard.

    What is the nature of the hazard?

    Advice for clearing hazard

    How dangerous is the hazard?

    How long is it likely to remain a hazard?

    Hazards you submit are not private and will be accessible by the myWindsock community on this and other forecast maps.

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      The myWindsock physics engine will use the setting you have provided to model your speed on the course.

      Adds weather and environmental data to your activity for analysis.

      Choose Forecast Provider

      If you would like a second opinion select one of our alternative forecasts. This option is not available for historic data.

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      Offset Wind Lines


      Out and back courses can be offset to separate the Wind Lines. Pick the side of road and distance to offset.

      Wind Shear

      For the best results pick a landscape that would describe the locality of your course. This is used to adjust the wind speeds for wind gradient/shear. This is the slowing of air flow due to surface frictions.

      Starting Speed

      As default your starting speed will be estimated using your performance settings. If you are starting this course from stationary select 'Zero'.

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      Customise how Strava Activity Tag are presented on Strava Activities.


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